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Not blackhat or whitehat, but a bit of both

Hack tankionline.com and Generate Free Crystals

Hello everybody, hello Internet! Today is a good day for every players of tanki online, because our hacking community just discovered a new hack for this game, the tanki online hack. Use this any time you need some free crystals, to upgrade your garage.

Everyone who is in love to games with tanks knows this game, an low budget and competitive game, made with Adobe Flash Player, originally launched in Russia, which has now turned into a world wide known game! The game basics are pretty simple, you have to destroy your enemies and/or capture the enemy flag. There are 4 game modes available at the moment of writing this article for tanki online, Capture The Flag (CTF), Death Match (DM), Team Death Match (TDM) and Capture Points (CP), the last one being launched recently in the game.

Your tank is composed from three basic components, the hull, which is basically your tank. There is quite a variety of hulls available in the game, but you have to choose the suitable one for your current game, from the mighty Wasp to the monster Mammoth and Titan, all hulls will do the job if they’re used correctly. The second component is the gun, the most important part of your tank, the one that helps you kill the enemies. You can choose from long rage weapons, like railgun, shaft, thunder, medium range, like ricochet or short range like isida, freeze or firebird. No weapon can be compared with another, all were conceived for a specific task and for different fighting styles. Last but not least, paints help you protect your tank, every paint having different weapons to protect from and in different percentage.

Knowing this is not enough, your main mission is to have all (or almost all) the items available in the garage, and this is not an easy task. For regular players, this task requires years of hard playing. Of course you won’t like the common way of playing, so we searched for different ways to hack tanki online and we assure you that this wasn’t an easy task, we had to go through a lot of methods that were not working. In the end, we found one that we loved, we present to you the first working cheat for tanki online, which can be used to generate an unlimited amount of crystals, so you can get a king garage in a second. Check this link to free download the tanki online hack.

This crystal generator will give you as much crystals as you want, so you won’t need to worry about how to sneak around this round and not to use drugs, because you can now buy as much as you want, along with all items in the garage, so no enemy will take you by surprise. Try it out and be the best player on the map, it’s that simple. Just visit HackPapa’s site, download the tanki online hack, and follow their tutorial on how to use. You only have to enter the amount of crystals that you need and your nickname, quite simple and also safe, because you will never share your password! After you successfully run their crystals generator, you can get a garage that will place you to the top, something similar with the one presented in next images. Also,  buy a good bunch of drugs, so no player will take you by surprise and don’t forget to make the best strategies for the game and equip your tank with the best items and assure that are the best for the current game.

tanki online hack gunstanki online hack guns

tanki online hack hulls

In the end, i want to announce our readers that this is just the beginning of our job, to inform the gamers about the latest launched tools for hacking their beloved games. To hear our latest announces faster, subscribe to our Social Media Networks, either through Facebook or Twitter. Also, share here your thoughts about our articles and the cheats we present, recommends and critics are appreciated !

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